The small blower motor supplies up to 180ltr/min. of air. The unit is equally suitable for pressurised or negative pressure applications. The blower is controlled by a 350g Battery/Control Unit. All important functions may be accessed via one simple menu.


The system gives the user optical and audible warnings,and in closed conditions achieves Protection Class IP67 (protection while temporarily submerged).


The battery pack can be recharged to 80% of full charge in 1 hour. 100% full charge can be reached in 3 hours.


Product features

• minimum battery run time 8 hours

• optical and acoustic alarm functions

• IP67 watertight

• air volume from 80-180 litres/minute

The integrated display informs the user about:

• battery status and maximum usability time

• actual air volume

• Filter type


Battery Pack

The Battery Pack offers an integrated software to control the usability time.

The duration of use/maintenance, air volume and Filter status can be displayed.

• optical and acoustic warning functions

• weight 350g

• IP 67 watertight



The radial motor delivers an air volume of up to 180l/min.

The blower motor impresses with its compact size and its weight

of only 85g.



DIN round, threaded filter