The Multimask ushers in a new generation of facial protection. The Multimask is lightweight, comfortable

and maintenance-free. The off-centre lock enables quick and easy replacement of the visor. The visor gives

a wide, unobstructed field of vision. The facial seal ensures maximum safety with maximum comfort.


A further innovation is the airflow control, which leads the supplied air through the turnable airpipe connector into different air channels. This enables the wearer to adjust the air supply to suit his or her own individual needs.



product features:

• comfortable facial seal

• solid PVC visor

• individual airflow control

• target protection class TH3

Off-centre buckle

Attaches the visor with a turning movement

and takes up the headband.


Visor seal

The easy-to-replace visor is sealed by a sponge rubber seal,

which ensures effective protection from external influences.


Face seal

The comfortable neoprene seal forms perfectly to any

facial type and is easy to replace.

Also suitable for wearers of spectacles.


Expelled air valve

The valve is located close to nose and mouth,

which ensures optimum removal of expelled

air and renders a speech membrane superfluous.


Air hosepipe fastener

Due to the innovative fastener the incoming airflow

can be positioned in any one of 3 positions.